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At USC, your hate makes you stupid

Across the college football landscape, teams and fans are preparing for the classic Week 3 rivalries.

Brian, prepping for the annual showdown with Notre Dame, had dubbed it Emu Week -- an apparent reference to Jimmy Clausen's preferred hairdo -- and adopted Emperor Palpatine's exhortation that "Your hate makes you strong."

EDSBS has Tennessee Hate Week 3.0 going on. Even A Sea of Blue has a rivalry to talk about.

And the Gamecocks have S.C. State.

Somehow, this just wouldn't look as funny with Buddy Pough. (HT: EDSBS)

Granted, South Carolina is playing these games under at least an implied threat of legislation requiring them to do so.

But while Iowa fans will glory in the Hawkeyes obliterating what little dignity Gene Chizik has left, Kentucky and Louisville fans wait to see if one of the teams will actually hit triple digits on the scoreboard and West Virginia tries to deny Maryland their goal of "protect[ing] this house," South Carolina fans will be ... well, praying that one upset of a ranked I-A Football Bowl Subdivision team by a Division I-AA Football Championship Subdivision team is enough.

At least we get LSU next week.

At which point we'll probably want the Gamecocks to play S.C. State.