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FIVE REASONS: vs. S.C. State

1. It's S.C. State. Safe to say that Spurrier has never lost to a DIAAFCSABCETC team before in his career.

2. Steve Spurrier. Yes, this will encourage those who accuse me of having a man-crush on Spurrier. But consider this statement from Buddy Pough: "I remember when I was at South Carolina and we had a game like this, coach Holtz would be riding around in his golf cart just smoking his pipe. We'd call it a 'Smoking His Pipe Week' because we knew we assistants were in charge and were probably all that was necessary."

Leave those little details -- like preparing for a game -- to someone else.

Don't think that'll happen this week. Or any other week.

3. Suspensions and injuries. When you're going into a more talented team's stadium looking for the upset, the last thing you want is to leave a few pieces behind. So much for that.

4. Appy State. As much as I hate to back up CW on this one, yes, it is harder to sneak up on a DIAFBSABCETC team now. Especially when you're basically conceding that your goal is to be respectable.

5. Xavier Littleberry. In addition to being the kind of class act that would throw women around, Littleberry has issued a threat to Blake Mitchell, violating Rule No. 2 about beating more talented teams who are playing at home: Don't give them bulletin-board material.

1. Hubris. There is always the chance, even A.A.S. (After Appy State), that a team can get full of itself.

2. Injuries. D-Lind and Culliver are both likely to miss the game.

3. Motivation. This is a big game for the Bulldogs and their faithful; it's little more than a full-contact scrimmage for South Carolina. A few big plays that catch the Gamecocks unaware could snowball quickly.

4. Cleveland McCoy. Pough might be going a bit far calling him "a dadgum Peyton Manning," but if the improvement is as much as Pough believes, McCoy could be dangerous.

5. Blake Mitchell. So far, no Blakecisions. How long will that hold up?

RESULT: South Carolina 24, S.C. State 14. Just what we need before going to the Bayou: Another scare.