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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 3

1. LSU. If you put a young child in front of the Bayou Bengals' defense and told them it was an offensive player, they would rip it limb from limb.
2. Florida. Wow. I had not seen a good chunk of a Florida game -- if you can call what happened to Tennessee a "game" -- until Saturday. Wow.
3. Alabama. Color me impressed. Though I'm not sure if this game had more to do with Alabama being this good or ... well ... this:


4. South Carolina. Move them up? After throwing three picks against S.C. State? Surely you jest.
5. Kentucky. Here's to the third best team in the East: the Kentucky Wildcats. (I can't believe I just said that.)
6. Georgia. By default. They haven't really proven that much so far this year, but neither has anyone below them.
7. Arkansas. Like the spelling-challenged Dawgs, Nutt-case and friends would be lower if they weren't helped out by the incompetence of others.
8. Tennessee. You just can't lose like that in the SEC, no matter where you are. That was a black mark on the entire league.
9. Mississippi State. (Shakes head vigorously.) Why not?
10. Vanderbilt. They beat Ole Miss. And ... they beat Ole Miss.
11. Auburn. Dead to me. Dead. to. me. Find a quarterback and we'll talk.
12. Ole Miss. Hey, at least they could beat Notre Dame.