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SEC Power Poll, Week 3

1. LSU (15), 180 points
Once again, unanimity.

  1. Florida, 165 points
  1. South Carolina, 139 points
  1. Alabama, 138 points
  1. Arkansas, 110 points
  1. Kentucky, 109 points
  1. Georgia, 100 points
  1. Tennessee, 76 points
  1. Vanderbilt, 52 points
  1. Mississippi State, 45 points
  1. Auburn, 39 points
  1. Ole Miss, 17 points

More from our voters, after the jump...

  1. LSU

"Still taking care of business, though I wonder whether the Miles-to-Michigan talk will be a noticeable distraction for them, since that's only going to get louder as the Tigers keep winning." -- Doug, Hey Jenny Slater

"Can't we just skip to the LSU-Florida game now?" -- Jerry, Joe Cribbs Car Wash

  1. Florida

"One words, many syllables: Dishumiliarassment." -- Joel, Rocky Top Talk

"Odds aren't trivial that the Gators pull a football repeate to go with the hoops one." -- And the Valley Shook

  1. South Carolina

"Quest to prove Corso wrong is off to a good start. Didn't beat SC State too convincingly, but keep this in mind: The Cocks' quality win came on the road. Alabama's was at home." -- The Hog Blogger

"Didn't find out much about The Cocks this week. Solid, but need to show some real Spurrier-worthy offense." -- Erik, Deep South Sports

  1. Alabama

"A big SEC West win over the top 20 ranked Razorbacks was big. Proof that coaching is important. Also Saban's hair, the feathered angle wing bangs, looked scrumptious as always." -- Loser With Socks

"Sure they blew a 21-point lead. But at least they BUILT a 21-point lead. All hail Nick Saban." -- And the Valley Shook

  1. Arkansas

"How do I rate Arkansas here [No. 4] after a loss? It's a power poll. (If the Colts had lost a close one in week two of the NFL, do you drop them to the bottom half?) It's still "who's the best team," regardless. I still think the Hawgs are high quality after a three point loss, with a slow start in a hostile environment. Never doubt Darren McFadden." -- Erik, DSS

"This game may later be viewed as a microcosm of Houston Nutt's season: a cute little comeback that ultimately falls short." -- Joel, Rocky Top Talk

  1. Kentucky

"Credit goes to the Smurf Nation for taking out Louisville, but the Big East is still lame and Kentucky has sucked for so long, the Wildcats will have to keep winning to make me a believer." -- Newspaper Hack, Journalism is for Rockstars

"Biggest win ever for the 'Cats? The defense held up enough to win." -- Quinton McDawg, Georgia Sports Blog

  1. Georgia

"Has any formerly impressive opening-season W lost value quicker than the Okie St. beating?" -- Jerry, JCCW

  1. Tennessee

"Not giving up on these guys even if they have two losses." -- Flouder, Leftover Hot Dog

  1. Vanderbilt

"Like a Ron Zook-coached team, they keep getting better and better." -- Newspaper Hack, Journalism

  1. Mississippi State

"Somewhere, Jackie Sherrill is laughing at a picture of Tommy Tuberville. Huge win for this program and Croom's job security." -- Tide Druid

  1. Auburn

"As poor as this team is playing on offense right now, they could easily wind up at 4-8 if they don't get something going on offense." -- Todd, Roll Bama Roll

  1. Ole Miss

"When even Mississippi State no longer looks like a safe bet for a conference win, you know you're in trouble." -- Doug, HJS