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Got water?

So you think your school's stadium is bad?

Well, take a look at what's going on at UCF, where they just built a brand-spanking new stadium but, well, forgot something.

The University of Central Florida announced Tuesday it will install ... dozens of water fountains at its new on campus football stadium. ...
The school came under fire after its first home game when it ran out of bottled water and some become overwhelmed because of the heat.
UCF also admitted the building should have had fountains in the first place.
George O’Leary, the Knights coach, said this whole thing has been overblown.
"It's like every college," O'Leary said. "They make more of things then there are. You fix the water thing. You fix the food thing. It's not a big deal. We're making more media attention out of those things. Those are always going to happen with stadiums. Be honest with you, every stadium I've been. I wouldn't even drink out of the fountain."

Might not be the best person to talk about exaggerating things.

So suck it up, folks. Heat exhaustion is part of the game. Even for the fans.