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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 4

Before my ballot, a note that the poll will probably be late this week because of a time crunch. Should be the only time this year, but give me a break on the night Heroes premiered.

1. LSU
What can you say? The best team in the country is the best team in the SEC.

2. Florida
Just a step behind the Bayou Bengals, particularly after their uninspiring trip to Mississippi.

3. Kentucky
Once you get below LSU and Florida, the task becomes much harder. But South Carolina's loss to the Bayou Bengals makes me hesitant to move them into the third slot, Georgia lost to the Gamecocks (which should matter in a power poll) and Alabama lost to the spelling-challenged Dawgs.

4. South Carolina
They did better against LSU than anyone else has so far. Other than that, they're undefeated and have as many quality SEC wins as anyone else in the conference.

5. Georgia
Gutty conference win, but it's troublesome that they allowed the Tide back in that game.

6. Alabama
Still a good team. They just maybe moved up a bit too far on the Arkansas win, which looks a bit less impressive now that the Hogs allowed another come-from-behind victory.

7. Arkansas
Does anybody really think that Darren McFadden will be back next year? Or that he can help this team win this year?

8. Tennessee
Have they done anything impressive this year? If they have, I must have missed it.

9. Mississippi State
Is Croom finally putting together a team? Or is it just one of those flashes of life that bad teams show every once in a while?

10. Ole Miss
The reward for challenging Florida.

11. Vanderbilt
Idle, but they're beginning to pale in comparison to the rest of the bottom.

12. Auburn
Again: Dead. To. Me.