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SEC Power Poll, Week 4

The numbers to the right, by the way, are the average points per ballot in the first poll ... and then the fourth poll. These will appear from time to time, just to give an idea of the movement since the poll began.

1. LSU (15), 180 points
Unanimous...again. They're making this boring.

  1. Florida, 165 points
  1. Kentucky, 142 points
  1. Georgia, 131 points
  1. South Carolina, 130 points
  1. Alabama, 105 points
  1. Tennessee, 80 points
  1. Arkansas, 78 points

9 (tie). Mississippi State, 50 points

9 (tie). Vanderbilt, 50 points

  1. Auburn, 36 points
  1. Mississippi, 23 points

More from our voters after the jump...

1. LSU

"That trick play with Matt Dam-... Flynn tossing the ball behind his back was just sick." -- Tide Druid

"Didn't dominate the Cocks, but still muddled through a win against a ranked team in adverse weather. Can cruise to the big showdown against the Gators." -- Quinton McDawg, Georgia Sports Blog

2. Florida

"Got their ego hit by the Ole Miss scare, which will only make them stronger." -- Flounder, Leftover Hot Dog

"An average to below average performance on the road against Ole Miss wasn't that unexpected after the big win over UT. Tebow!!!" -- Quinton, Georgia Sports Blog

3. Kentucky

"Biggest back to back wins program's history. Randy Sanders looks like a damn QB genius. Was he Fulmer's fall guy?" -- Jai, Loser With Socks

"The Wildcats are the only team outside of the top two that are unblemished. No defense, no problems. And, hey, if you can keep scoring points, then what does it matter?" -- Newspaper Hack, Journalism is for Rockstars

4. Georgia

"Richt won the battle for the best hair in the SEC over Saban. Anyone notice the frosted tips in Richt's hair??? I did!!!! GATA" -- Loser With Socks

"Dawgs are showing signs. We all know Stafford can throw, but can his receivers catch?" -- Glenn, A Sea of Blue

5. South Carolina

"It's LSU, Florida, and everybody else, and despite their loss in Baton Rouge, I think SC belongs at the top of the 'Everyone Else' category. I mean, they actually scored points against the Tigers. Points! In Baton Rouge! It may sound dumb, but I've got to give Spurrier and his guys some props for not getting blown out from the opening kickoff; they actually managed to keep it (relatively) close." -- Doug, Hey Jenny Slater

"Defense is still keeping the Gamecocks from being a bad team b/c right now the offense is not playing good." -- Flounder, Leftover Hot Dog

6. Alabama

"If John Parker Wilson will settle down and play every snap like he does in the fourth quarter, the Tide offense would be something special. D continues to overachieve." -- Todd, Roll Bama Roll

"Despite the loss, clearly more competitive than they were a year ago." -- And the Valley Shook

7. Tennessee

"Vols took down Arkansas State, which is solid if you consider how Texas played against them. Still, they really need to show more." -- Tide Druid

8. Arkansas

"Speaking of no defense. If your defense is digging holes that even Darren McFadden can't help you climb out of, it's time to sound some kind of alarm." -- Doug, Hey Jenny Slater

9 (tie). Mississippi State

"Don't look now, but State is one win away from their most successful season since Y2K. That's right, I said it! Crooms is a badass mofo." -- Erik, Deep South Sports

Some, though, are unconvinced and still rank the Bulldogs last.

"They suck." -- Todd, Roll Bama Roll

9 (tie). Vanderbilt

"Remember in '05 when Vandy started 4-0? Well, that didn't happen this year, and like then, the 'Dores will come back to Earth." -- Newspaper Hack, Journalism is for Rockstars

11. Auburn

"Their season might be over, but oh how they would cherish a second straight victory against a championship-seeking Gators team." -- And the Valley Shook

12. Mississippi

"Moral Victories! Kinda like how every college girl in America would give their left ovary to get with Tim Tebow, but ... He likes dudes! Maybe that's more "Ironic." Maybe it's just that Tim Tebow's mere existence pisses me off. Damn you, Tebow!" -- Erik, Deep South Sports