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BlogPoll Ballot, Week 4 ... or 5 ... whatever

Rank Team Delta
1 LSU --
2 Southern Cal --
3 Oklahoma 1
4 Florida 1
5 Texas --
6 California --
7 West Virginia --
8 Rutgers --
9 Ohio State 2
10 Wisconsin 2
11 Boston College 1
12 Oregon 2
13 Kentucky 3
14 South Carolina 1
15 Georgia 4
16 Alabama 1
17 Clemson 6
18 South Florida 4
19 Missouri 5
20 Virginia Tech 6
21 Cincinnati 5
22 Miami (Florida) 4
23 Hawaii 3
24 Penn State 15
25 UCLA 1

Dropped Out: Nebraska (#15), Louisville (#18), Texas A&M (#21), Texas Tech (#25).

The Dropouts. Nebraska's been coasting and has now been exposed by Southern Cal (which could happen to almost anybody) and Ball State (which most assuredly should not happen). Louisville has decided to see what happens when you don't even try to play defense. TAMU and Texas Tech folded to opponent we thought were dead or have insane coache, respectively. Or, to sum up Texas Tech's previous ranking: "THAT'S NOT TRUE!!!"
Debuts. Virginia Tech has done enough to work its way back on. Cincy is just as good a choice there as anyone else. Miami (Fla) looked impressive enough, I guess. UCLA takes advantage of the underwhelming performances by others; I expect Dorrell to make this easy enough to correct.
Movers. A lot of upward movement by default. Kentucky is strong, Georgia looked good and Clemson -- with all bias aside -- deserved to move up before now. Penn State falls for losing to Michigan, but I think that might actually not look that bad at the end of the season. Hawaii falls as resumes become more important.
Just outside. Arizona State should probably be on there somewhere. We'll see how good Michigan State is when they go to Wisconsin. Purdue needs to beat a team with a pulse. Could Washington continue to impress? And can Michigan work its way back into the Top 25?
Viewing disclosure. All of South Carolina-LSU and Georgia-Alabama. Parts of Florida-Ole Miss, North Carolina-USF and Michigan-Penn State.