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A few things...

That nasty thing called "real life" has been getting in the way, so I apologize for being MIA on things like J-Brink getting hurt.

Problems? I think it causes a few against Mississippi State, but more so down the road, particularly if the Gamecocks feel like they have to drop DBs to help crack down on the run or if it hurts our run D considerably no matter what the coaches do. (Something that, quite frankly, simply can't happen.)

Anyway, that's obviously the Cliff Notes version -- I'll expound later.

Second, Brian did an excellent job calling out pollsters who rank South Carolina below Georgia at this point, something I also find baffling:

Is Georgia seriously above South Carolina? A brief resume recap:

One meaningless I-AA hammering each.
Blowout win for Georgia over bleah Okie State team that would lose to Troy; two touchdown victory over ULM for SoCar. Advantage Georgia.
OT win over 'Bama for Georgia. Regulation win over frickin' Georgia for SoCar. Both on the road. Advantage SoCar.
Loss to frickin' SoCar at home for Georgia; loss at #1 LSU for SoCar. Advantage SoCar.

Perhaps you're thinking "but what about the projection!", but in this case we have very little to project. There was a head-to-head matchup that South Carolina won, and they didn't even do it via fluke. And yet. And yet. ...

Our biggest offender is Bruins Nation, which ranks the Dawgs a stunning eighth and shoves South Carolina down at #21. I mean... why bother even playing the games? Frank McGrath leaps UGA up to #10 and leaves South Carolina #19, also shoving 'Bama down to #21. ...

Anyway, you all suck. I am ashamed of all of you and want you to think very hard about what you've done. Go sit in the corner. You suck.

For the most part, I'm staying away from this, seeing as I've used up my crazy-fan-man post of the month.

But the BlogPoll is hardly alone in this -- practically every poll you'll find makes the same odd decision, which might look correct in time. But, given what we know right now, you have to go with the head to head. (Something that, to their credit, Kyle and Doug both do.)

Picks and Five Reason appear later Friday.