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SEC Power Poll Ballot

Poll to follow...

  1. Florida. Apparently, they've picked up Meyer's offense. A better opponent would tell us more.
  1. LSU. It bothers me that their MVP for the game was Michael Henig.
  1. Georgia. So is Georgia that good? Or is Oklahoma State that bad?
  1. Auburn. It lives! It lives!
  1. Alabama. Beat somebody with a pulse, please.
  1. Tennessee. Hung in with Cal for a while, but that game still felt like more of a blowout than the score.
  1. Arkansas. Beat a better team by a better margin than USC.
  1. South Carolina. C'mon. That can't be their best effort.
  1. Kentucky. The offense is prolific, but was Saturday really any more than a scrimmage?
  1. Vanderbilt. That's too close for a game against Richmond.
  1. Ole Miss. Be thankful for Mississippi State.
  1. Mississippi State. LSU just picked off Henig again.