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SEC Power Poll, Week 1

That shows it pretty well, but here are the points:

  1. LSU (13 out of 19 potential first-place votes), 219
  1. Florida (3), 209
  1. Georgia (2), 188
  1. Auburn (1), 152
  1. Tennessee, 144
  1. Arkansas, 142
  1. Alabama, 123
  1. South Carolina, 99
  1. Kentucky, 81
  1. Vanderbilt, 60
  1. Ole Miss, 44
  1. Mississippi State, 24

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Some of our poll members' thoughts on the teams:

  1. LSU

The Tigers were the overwhelming favorite among pollsters. That didn't mean that some weren't uneasy going with Les Miles' big mouth or Matt Flynn's arm. "If that's what we're to expect from the Gary Crowton offense, LSU won't be in this position by year's end," wrote And the Valley Shook -- an LSU blog, btw.

For some, the seemingly sluggish game was enough. "If that's what we're to expect from the Gary Crowton offense, LSU won't be in this position by year's end," wrote Mark from the Auburner.

  1. Florida

"Class of the east again. Will beat UGA in Jax per usual." -- Erik, Deep South Sports

"No. 2 by default. Not that any score vs. WKU would have been that impressive, but no other SEC team really impressed, did they?" -- Jerry, Joe Cribbs Car Wash

  1. Georgia

"Handled an Oklahoma State team that was a fashionable pick to pull an upset (seems like that's happened before?), and answered a lot of Dawg's fans questions about their o-line (Play calling to minimize their inexperience's effect on the game?  Check.) and receiving corp (only one dropped pass after a whole season of watching the cement handed UGA wideouts drop anything thrown their way? Check.), and looked sharp on defense, smothering a pretty potent offense and holding them scoreless in the second half." -- Todd, Roll Bama Roll

"A big win over a solid opponent puts the Dawgs in the No. 3 slot, but you never know about Big XII teams." -- Newspaper Hack, Journalism is for Rockstars

  1. Auburn

"Winning on a mere 3 minutes of good football gives them a shaky hold on this spot. That offense will have to get much better if they're going to contend." -- And the Valley Shook

"Turned in a bad performance against a Big 12 also-ran at home." -- Quinton McDawg, Georgia Sports Blog

  1. Tennessee

"[D]espite the loss to Cal they looked real good and should be tough
in SEC play." -- Flounder, Leftover Hot Dog

"Tough loss to a tough team on the road. Could have moved down more [than No. 6], but nobody played this tough. Will wait." -- Glenn, A Sea of Blue

  1. Arkansas

"The killer backfield performed precisely as advertised, but that defense let Troy hang around far too long." -- Doug, Hey Jenny Slater

"Giving up over 20 points to a Sun Belt team is not good. This one was much closer than it should have been. Without Darren McFadden, the Razorbacks lose." -- Newspaper Hack, Journalism is for Rockstars

  1. Alabama

"Offense looked great against marginal competition, but that seemed
to be a problem last year." -- Quinton McDawg, Georgia Sports Blog

  1. South Carolina

"Like Alabama, I need to see something else from South Carolina. I'll put them here for now since they're a little bit behind without their starting QB having a game under his belt. I just can't read into that win against Louisiana-Layfayette. Do I need a website like Corso now?" -- Tide Druid

  1. Kentucky

"Love this team. Too bad they're in the SEC." -- The Hog Blogger

  1. Vanderbilt

"Bobby Johnson seems to get a lot of credit for being a good coach... but keep in mind that he's been in charge since 2000. Is a bowl game too much to ask?" -- Mark, The Auburner

  1. Ole Miss

"The only reason they're not the worst team in the conference is because there's an even more pitiful one an hour and a half down the road." -- Doug, Hey Jenny Slater

  1. Mississippi State

"You know times are tough when the talking heads are pronouncing next week's match against Tulane a 'must win.'" -- Todd, Roll Bama Roll