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Maybe it's being in Michigan...

...but having been one of the harshest pounders on the Maize and Blue the last few days, I officially say hands off.

It's enough. We've had our fun. And, in South Carolina's case, we could very well get our butts handed to us in a nationally tele...

What's that you say, Head Ball Coach?

"We're not quite like Michigan, now. We still won the game," Spurrier said, referring to Appalachian State's 34-32 shocker against the Wolverines. "We're not in the dumps around here."

We're doomed.

Meanwhile, Spurrier also announced some changes in the depth chart, for which you can't blame him after the 28-14 moral defeat win over Louisiana-Lafayette.

Redshirt freshman Kevin Young will replace Lemuel Jeanpierre at right guard, where James Thompson was slated to start before being suspended for three games for violating university policy. ...
Freddie Brown takes over for Moe Brown at receiver as the Gamecocks continue to search for someone to pair with Kenny McKinley. ...
Defensively, the Gamecocks are counting on safety Darian Stewart and linebacker Dustin Lindsey to eliminate some of the missed tackles that allowed the Ragin' Cajuns to rush for 252 yards.
Stewart steps in at strong safety, allowing Brandon Isaac to return to free safety and sending Stoney Woodson to the bench. Lindsey, coming back from April knee surgery, could start ahead of Rodney Paulk.

There are a few others, but those are the biggest.