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SEC Power Poll, Week 5: Now, the West has won


1. Alabama, 238 points (18 first-place votes)

2. LSU,  221 (2)

3. Georgia, 194

4. Florida, 172

5. Vanderbilt, 151

6. Auburn, 147

7. Mississippi, 128

8. Kentucky, 103

9. South Carolina, 77

10. Tennessee, 66

11. Mississippi State, 40

12. Arkansas, 23

Numbers one and two are really easy, as are numbers 10-12. But where to put the now-defeated Gators and Dawgs? Are they as bad as they looked last weekend? As for Bama, clearly the conference's biggest surprise. Will they keep it up? I don't know, but right now, it's impossible not to put them number one. They have destroyed two top-ten teams in impressive fashion. One of those was even on the road, so I don't see how they escape the top spot. Although the top spot has been a bad place for teams so far this year, Bama could change that.--Pelican State Sports

The SEC West surges to the top of the poll, with Georgia and Florida both tumbling following their losses over the weekend. Further down, Vanderbilt edges Auburn for the No. 5 spot, while Mississippi moves to No. 7 and knocks Kentucky down to No. 8.

Arkansas, meanwhile, picks up all but three of the last place votes, giving Mississippi State a solid but not insurmountable lead in the race away from the "Worst of the Best" Cup.


No denying it now: Saban's at least a year ahead of schedule.   Interesting question now: another November swoon?--Save the Shield

The nation's wackiest fanbase can now legitimize their wackiness. We made fun of Bama fans for claiming their Tide was "back" but, if these first few weeks are any indicator, they were right. RTR!!!1--Red Solo Cup

The Red Elephant "Boosters" have commissioned Daniel Moore to begin capturing the historic UGA Blackout Victory in another "paint by the numbers" football cartoon, titled "Black is for Funerals."--Loser With Socks


Somehow they allowed more points to MSU last week than the Bulldogs had scored in their last THREE D-IA games combined. For LSU's sake I'll hope that was just a post-Auburn hangover.--Hey Jenny Slater

Steady she goes. The injuries in that win over Mississippi State are far more troubling than anything related to the score.--Year 2

LSU is 89th in opponent's red zone conversions. Not impressive. Neither was this game, but a win is a win.--A Sea of Blue


Got smacked in the mouth by a better team with a better coach. What can you say?--Garnet and Black Attack

You knew the penalties would bite them in a big game at some point. Negating the turnover on Alabama's first drive of the game set the stage for an ugly, ugly game for the ‘Dawgs.--The Dead Guy

I am officially worried about this team. The bad loss to ‘Bama (41-17 with 3:01 to go) wasn't due to mental lapses but fundamental deficiencies that can't be corrected merely by practicing more.--Year 2


Being an offensive genius means you don't have to bother coaching mundane skills like holding onto the ball.--Save the Shield

You look at the stats, and you wonder how Ole Miss won -- till you look at big plays and turnovers.--A Sea of Blue

Attention Dan Mullen gripers: when your offense gains 443 yards, scores 30 points, and only turns the ball over on fumbles, your offensive coordinator is not the problem.--Joe Cribbs Car Wash


Sign of the apocalypse #5,783: "Gameday" is coming to Nashville this week for Vandy-Auburn. Sign of the apocalypse #5,784: Auburn's only favored by three and a half.--Hey Jenny Slater

Vandy is 4-0 and has the College Game Day crew coming to town for their game against Auburn. They should enjoy this while it lasts, because it won't.--Mississippi State Sports Blog

Bad news for Auburn fans: Bobby Johnson will have a bye week before the 'Dores play their biggest game maybe ever. Good news: doesn't that sorta seem like the same set-up Vandy's always wilted under?--Joe Cribbs Car Wash


Franklin's offense puts the "fun" in dysfunction. Just like getting a root canal, only with a marching band and cheerleaders!--Save the Shield

Gary Danielson sounded positively insulted at times on Saturday that he had to spend three and a half hours watching those two offenses.--Hey Jenny Slater

Is it too late to tell Al Borges they were just kidding? The Plainsmen's offense ought to get Tony Franklin a court date at The Hague, which is fine with me, because I hate Auburn, but you just know they're going to get it clicking eventually, probably right before the Tigers play the Bulldogs, because that would be the worst possible thing that could happen. In the meantime, War Eagle supporters know good and well that, right now, Auburn couldn't beat a good S.E.C. team.--Dawg Sports


Fantastic show at Florida. Woo, giggity. Where are the guys with the money to fund the airplane banners now, hmm?--Rocky Top Talk

Chompy-chomp-chomp. The Rebels are only a few plays removed from 5-0 which, while a bit of an excruciating thought, shows how far this team has recovered from Hurricane Orgeron's wreckage.--Red Solo Cup

When Ole Miss doesn't beat themselves they can be pretty darn good.--Orange and Blue Hue


Undefeated at the end of September, huh? That's nice, but could you please PLAY A CONFERENCE GAME ALREADY!?!--Red Solo Cup

There's no truth to the rumor the Big 12 looked at the Wildcats' schedule-to-date and offered them honorary membership. Though I understand Mike Leach thought it was a good idea.--Joe Cribbs Car Wash

The non-conference slate is over. Stop b------g. 4-0.--UK Wildcat Country


Hey, look at this, Vol fans. Spurrier beat UAB 26-13? We beat them 35-3. Hey, silver linings are silver linings, right? Still, I can't bring myself to think we will beat them.--Rocky Top Talk

They're about out of "the game was not as close as the score indicates" passes by now.--Year 2

Meh.  Garcia may make them better, but it's too late to save the season.--Pelican State Sports


Let's make a golf comparison: Jon Crompton is a Driver in a Putter's world. Little nuances of the game don't matter as long as you can get the ball there as hard as you possibly can.--Tide Druid

Fulmer has a real mess on his hands. He needs to find a QB and fast. Misissippi State might even have a chance to beat them.--Mississippi State Sports Blog

The Big Orange offense is such an absolute disaster that U.T. couldn't outscore an Auburn team that couldn't outscore half the teams in the National League. Phillip Fulmer has so completely lost control of this team that Peyton Manning literally called for a two-point conversion last weekend. I mean, I love Herschel Walker and all, but do you think Mark Richt would let the Goal Line Stalker call the plays? This team's mascot is the Volunteer because no one would pay for football so bad that it's as bad as every other aspect and attribute of our doomed plane of reality, which is why Tennessee fans are struggling to show the slightest signs of optimism. Now watch ‘em go blow us out again.--Dawg Sports


Saturday night was a real State of the Union Game for MSU: Their best offensive effort of the season wasn't enough to beat a completely disinterested LSU team. Destined for 1-7 this SEC season.--The Dead Guy

I don't think anyone really expected the Bulldogs to win against LSU, but I don't think anyone expected them to put up 24 points either. Is there light at the end of the tunnel?--Mississippi State Sports Blog

MSU caught LSU asleep for part of the game. Their defense has given up 38 and 34 points in back-to-back games.--Tide Druid


On the bright side, the defense scored a TD. Now they get to deal with an angry Gators team. Life in the SEC's grand, ain't it Bobby?--The Dead Guy

Functionally a Sun Belt Conference team this year.--Year 2

Rumor has it that AD Jeff Long is petitioning the NCAA to see if the entire team can redshirt this season.--Razorback Expats