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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Seven


1. Alabama

Had a bye week and didn't get a chance to man up in comparison to Texas. That chance will come on national television this week against Ole Miss.

2. Florida

This is the Gators team I expected to see at the beginning of the year. You had to know that all the talent will finally begin to show at some point.

3. Georgia

Not incredibly impressive against the Vols, but considering all the problems Tennessee usually gives UGA, maybe the Dawgs should just be happy they won by a comfortable margin.

4. LSU

Considering their woes at QB, the defense was supposed to be this team's strength. However, after the Saturday night, the rest of the SEC now knows that this is not the Pellini-led defense of years past. It's also worth mentioning that Auburn and MSU's offenses looked functional against the Bayou Tigers, so it shouldn't surprise us that Florida embarrassed them like that.

5. Vanderbilt

I've been a big fan of Vandy throughout the year, but I have a feeling that things are about to get tough for them. They have a tough schedule from here on out, and their lack of depth will hurt them as the season wears on. In short, they're still in good shape to get to their first bowl in a long time, but they probably needed that MSU win to do better than Birmingham, Shreveport, or Memphis.

6. South Carolina

The once maligned Gamecocks now have a two-game SEC winning streak. Unlike last year, this is a healthy team, and that means that they could be very ready to make a serious run at the breakthrough year Gamecocks fans have been hoping for from Spurrier.

7. Kentucky

I didn't know who to put here, Kentucky or Ole Miss. Kentucky has a better record, but Ole Miss has had a tougher schedule and a signature win over Florida. We'll know soon enough, as both have some tough games coming up.

8. Ole Miss

Can they pull off another upset against the Tide?

9. Auburn

This is a team without a reliable QB and no OC. They're also trying to run an offense that the players don't know and that they don't have the personnel for. Yeah, there are crazy problems on the Plains. Note to Tuberville: run the I for the rest of the year if you want to keep your job. Run the spread if you want a shot at the Clemson job.

10. Tennessee

Looked a little better against Georgia, but they're going to need a big run to have a winning season. With games against Alabama, South Carolina, Vandy, and Kentucky to finish out the season, that looks unlikely.

11. Arkansas

Hard to know if Arkansas turned the corner against Auburn or if they just got a down Auburn. Until I see more from the Hogs, I'm leaning towards the latter.

12. MSU

Nice win over Vandy, but they need to do more if they want to prove that they're any good.