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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Eight


1. Alabama

The Tide looked good in the first half but almost let the Rebels come back towards the end. They're going to have to start playing better as the schedule tightens up towards the end of the year.

2. Florida

The Gators took a week off and will play Kentucky this week. A win against the Cats will set the stage for the big game against the Dawgs.

3. Georgia

The Dawgs got a nice win over a pesky Vandy, but now have to travel to LSU and then play Florida.

4. LSU

The Tigers picked up a nice win in Columbia after playing well in the second half. Credit Les Miles and his staff with some good halftime adjustments.

5. Vanderbilt

Vandy's beginning to fall fast. Can they slow the bleeding?

6. South Carolina

Played tough against LSU but still couldn't pull out the upset. They now have a week off to regroup and get ready for a visit from the Vols.

7. Kentucky

I thought about moving them up to six after they won and Carolina lost, but they lost head-to-head against the Gamecocks and have yet to post a quality win. No, Arkansas does not count unless the Hogs prove themselves later in the year.

8. Auburn

Big OOC game this week for the Tigers. Will they embarrass the SEC two years in a row by losing to a Big East team?

9. Ole Miss

Close but no cigar against Bama. Strange how well this team plays in the second half against elite competition on the road.

10. Tennessee

Win against MSU was closer than the final score indicates, as Vols managed to stack some garbage points late off two pick-sixes thrown by Tyson Lee.

11. Arkansas

Beginning to look competitive, at least. That more than you can say for...

12. MSU

Had a chance against the Vols before their QB threw the game away.