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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Nine


We learned a lot about the conference this past weekend. It now appears that the SEC is a three-horse race, as there is a major gap between Bama/Florida/Georgia and a middle tier of teams that includes LSU, South Carolina, and maybe Ole Miss.

1. Alabama

The Tide looked very sharp in the second half against Tennessee.

2. Florida

The Gators thoroughly routed Kentucky, setting up a huge game with Georgia.

3. Georgia

Looked very good against LSU. Do they have enough fire power to win a likely shootout with the Gators?

4. LSU

LSU is good this year, but they're obviously not great. They've now lost in convincing fashion to both Florida and Georgia, which indicates that they're simply not part of the conference's upper echelon this year.

5. South Carolina

Like LSU, the Gamecocks are clearly not as good as the league's best teams. However, if they can take care of Tennessee, Arkansas, and Clemson down the stretch, they'll finish 8-4 and third in the East, which has to be considered progress for Spurrier's boys.

6. Vanderbilt

Due to their 5-3 record, Vandy still deserves to be ahead of Ole Miss, but they're fading very quickly. They'll need to win against either Kentucky, Tennessee, or Wake Forest to get to 6-6, and none of those looks extremely likely at this point.

7. Ole Miss

Nice win for the Rebels in Fayetteville. With winnable games against Auburn and MSU remaining, they still have a good shot at a lower-tier bowl.

8. Kentucky

Got smashed against the Gators. Injuries and horrid special teams play (they've had lots of kicks blocked and are giving up lots of return yardage) are really hurting the Cats right now.

9. Tennessee

I liked the way they played in the first half against Bama. Unfortunately, they simply don't have the offense to win big games.

10. Arkansas

Played tough against Ole Miss but it wasn't good enough. They do seem to have gotten slightly better as the season has worn on. With Ryan Mallet becoming eligible next year, they should see major improvement.

11. Auburn

Way to embarrass the SEC, Tigers.

12. MSU

Probably got their last win of the season against Middle Tennessee.