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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Six


1. Alabama

The Tide committed a number of mistakes against Kentucky but still managed to pull out the victory. Were they just hungover from Georgia or are they going to continue to struggle?

2. LSU

Took a week off to rest and heal.

3. Vandy

I felt a little iffy about putting Vandy at the 3 spot last week, but apparently I had good reason to. Vandy plays MSU next weekend and should become bowl eligible.

4. Georgia

Took a week off to prepare for the Tennessee game.

5. Florida

Won big against the Razorbacks but had to pull away late.

6. Kentucky

Looked like a pretty solid team in Tuscaloosa, although they got a little help from Alabama's turnovers. Can they handle the resurgent Gamecocks this weekend at Commonwealth?

7. South Carolina

Big win over Ole Miss this past weekend. No time to celebrate though, as they have to take on Kentucky in Lexington this weekend.

8. Auburn

That offense is something pathetic. Tuberville promises changes as Tony Franklin begins to spruce up his high school coaching resume.

9. Ole Miss

Tough loss to the Gamecocks over the weekend. Can they rebound and make a bowl?

10. Tennessee

Almost lost to Northern Illinois over the weekend. Yep, things are rough in Knoxville, and this weekend the Vols have to go to Athens. Could get ugly.

11. MSU

Took a week off to try to regroup.

12. Arkansas

Didn't look quite as bad against the Gators, but still lost by 31 points. This is not a good team.