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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 11


1. Alabama

They might not have picked up many style points, but you're not playing for style points in Baton Rouge. You just want to get out of town with a win.

2. Florida

Continues to dominate. With winner getting a likely shot at the national title, the game with the Tide looms as one of the most important SECCGs in years.

3. Georgia

Got the win, but it was hardly impressive. This team seems to be only a shadow of what we expected to see during the preseason. Still, the Dawgs have a good shot at finishing with ten wins and maybe even making another BCS bowl.

4. LSU

Played Bama tough, but the loss has to be disappointing after blocking that FG at the end of regulation.

5. South Carolina

The Gamecocks continue to piece together a good season after their slow start.

6. Ole Miss

Took a week off to prepare for the home stretch. Can they beat LSU and nab a Cotton Bowl appearance?

7. Kentucky

Nice effort against the Dawgs, but they came up just short. They still have a good chance to win eight games on the season.

8. Vanderbilt

The Commodores will have to beat either Kentucky or Tennessee to earn bowl eligibility. At this point, I think they can take the Vols.

9. Arkansas

Just need a better QB and more experience on defense to become a pretty good team.

10. Auburn

Didn't put TN-Martin away until the second half. Can they upset rivals UGA or Bama?

11. Tennessee

Ugh. What a blight upon our proud conference. The players, who I thought would fight to vindicate their embattled coach, should be ashamed of themselves for losing to a MWC also-ran. At least they blew out...

12. Mississippi State

Can Croom win a game or two down the stretch to give himself a little more job security?