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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 12


1. Florida

They've now won their last six games by 30-50 points. Six times makes a trend, folks.

2. Alabama

No longer seem as impressive as the Gators, but their workmanlike efficiency might pose the best threat to their reptilian SECCG opponent.

3. Georgia

They'll probably finish the season with 10 or 11 wins and a top-10 ranking, but this team looks like a shell of its former self.

4. LSU

Another team that isn't as good as its record. I would move them down a notch or two, but nobody below them has done anything to earn moving up this high.

5. South Carolina

The Gators' latest victim. They can still wrap up a decent season and a possible postseason top-25 ranking with a win at Clemson.

6. Vanderbilt

Congrats to Vandy on finally becoming bowl eligible. They jump Ole Miss because both have the same record and Vandy won head-to-head.

7. Ole Miss

Nice blow-out win against LA-Monroe. The Rebels could very well finish with eight wins if they can beat a beatable LSU.

8. Kentucky

Losing to Vandy was probably disappointing, but the Cats still have a chance to get to seven wins by beating the Vols. That's pretty good for the Kentucky.

9. Arkansas

If they beat Mississippi State this week, the Hogs could possibly get to six wins by beating LSU in the final game. That's not out of the realm of possibility at this point.

10. Auburn

The saddest part about this season for the Tigers' is that they're only a few plays away from having a much better record.

11. Tennessee

They're probably about to get pounded by Vandy and Kentucky. Enjoy the payback, Vols.

12. Mississippi State

Another dismal offensive outing for the Bulldogs.