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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 13


1. Florida

What did Chris Rainey average per carry against the Citadel? Like 30 yards?

2. Alabama

Need to watch their backs this weekend.

3. Georgia

These guys better REALLY watch their backs this weekend. I think GT might take this one.

About the next three teams: These guys have beaten up on each other and are basically pretty equal. I'm going with Ole Miss at the top because they're really hot right now and LSU last because they're struggling.

4. Ole Miss

One of the league's hottest teams right now. Les Miles must hate Houston Nutt.

5. South Carolina

Need to beat Clemson to finish off a solid season

6. LSU

Jordan Jefferson looks like a nice player. Not much else to say.

7. Vanderbilt

Just when you thought they had gotten it back in gear.

8. Kentucky

Now that the Vols are showing life, can the Cats still end the losing streak?

9. Auburn

One last chance to salvage a forgettable season.

10. Tennessee

Nice win over Vandy.

11. Mississippi State

Coming around just in time to try to give the Rebels a game.

12. Arkansas

Getting your butts kicked by Mississippi State gets you in last place. And here I thought Arky might have a shot at making a bowl.