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SEC Power Poll, Week 13: No one is safe -- except Florida, Bama and Georgia (of course)

Thanksgiving Week. What are you going to do?

1. Florida, 141 points (9 first-place votes)

2. Alabama, 135 (3)

3. Georgia, 120

4. Mississippi, 107

5. South Carolina, 91

6. LSU, 87

7 (tie). Vanderbilt, 63

7 (tie). Kentucky, 63

9. Auburn, 47

10. Tennessee, 38

11. Mississippi State, 28

12. Arkansas, 16

Below three, almost everyone moves. Ole Miss zooms to No. 4, South Carolina stays put, LSU falls two, Vanderbilt and Kentucky stand pat though the Wildcats tie the Dores, Auburn escapes the first quartile and Tennessee flips with Arkansas as the Hogs once again grab the lead in the race for the "Worst of the Best" Cup.



Yes, it was just The Citadel, but when's the last time the Gators (or anyone else in the S.E.C., for that matter) hung 70 on someone? The Orange and Blue machine is set on "crush."--Dawg Sports

What did Chris Rainey average per carry against the Citadel? Like 30 yards?--Garnet and Black Attack

Sure it was just the Citadel, but it's impressive the Gators were that sharp against such a weak opponent. May have hands full in Tallahassee with a depleted DL.--The Dead Guy


After a nice week off, it's time to break Auburn's Iron Bowl streak in emphatic fashion. There's no excuse for not doing so.--Year 2

A lot of people in the vicinity of Tuscaloosa are talking like the Iron Bowl is signed, sealed, and delivered for the Tide. As bad as Auburn has looked this season, I'd advise against that.--Hey Jenny Slater

Only one hurdle remains to the perfect regular season, something even the most die-hard of Tide fans could not have envisioned.--Pelican State Sports


Given the periodic defensive struggles for UGA in the second half of this season, I'd be scared to death of playing Georgia Tech if I was a Bulldog fan. What they did to Miami was sick.--Year 2

An 8th straight win over Georgia Tech Saturday would help assuage some of the disappointment from this season. But it's hard to be too disappointed in another 10 win season and a top 10 finish.--The Dead Guy

A good team that is largely forgotten.--Pelican State Sports


If I were a Rebel fan, I'd really be giving the Arkansas people a hard time over the fact that they treated Houston Nutt as badly as, um, Mississippi treated David Cutcliffe. ... Uh, nevermind. Anyway, the Rebs appear to have sewn up a Cotton Bowl berth, making them one of the feel good stories of the season.--Dawg Sports

It's really incredible how far Houston Nutt has brought this team in less than a full season -- as in "four straight losing seasons" to "right back to the Cotton Bowl."--Hey Jenny Slater

Nutt + Talent is a scary combination.--Pelican State Sports


If the Gamecocks beat Clemson, can we give them the ACC title? No one in that conference appears to want it, and they used to be in that league once upon a time.--Year 2

Yet another "better watch out this weekend" team. They've improved a lot the last couple months, but as LSU and Florida showed, they're not good enough to completely take Clemson for granted.--Hey Jenny Slater

Now Spurrier says Clemson is the biggest game of the year, and this year they may actually win it.--Pelican State Sports


Anyone who blames the Bayou Bengals' woes on their quarterback situation is making the same mistake as the Florida fans who blamed Tim Tebow's sore shoulder for the Gators' loss to the ‘Dawgs in 2007. Signal-callers don't play defense. Unfortunately for L.S.U., neither do the Fighting Tigers.--Dawg Sports

Replacing their stars from last year as well as inexperience at the QB position has dropped LSU from the elite SEC teams. They bowl-bound, but that's about it.--The Dead Guy

Erratic QB play and a general lack of leadership from the seniors has cost the Tigers this season. Still, 8-4 isn't THAT bad.--Orange and Blue Hue


You would think the Commodores would get up for a rivalry game, but they appeared to still be hung over from celebrating the bowl berth.--Year 2

What was that all about? You figured, great, we're bowl-eligible, we can just switch on the cruise control between now and the Liberty Bowl?--Hey Jenny Slater

Nobody knows what to make of this anymore.--Red Solo Cup


The six wins and bowl bid are nice, but the Wildcats haven't beaten a team that will finish the year with a winning record.--Year 2

Now that the Vols are showing life, can the Cats still end the losing streak?--Garnet and Black Attack

The ‘Cats will try to do what Vandy couldn't -- knock off the worst Tennessee team in school history. If they don't, can you say "Music City Bowl Three-peat"?--The Dead Guy


All right, guys, just how interesting are you prepared to make the Iron Bowl this year?--Hey Jenny Slater

Sheesh! Pre-season, I had the Tigers winning the West. That's the last time I make picks based on which coach has the strongest hair gel. Iron Bowl could get ugly.--Gate 21

A win against Alabama might give Tiger fans something to cheer about in the short term but seriously, where is this program headed?--Orange and Blue Hue


Nice win against the Dores, in a season where every win is a "nice win." Can the Orange send the Great Punkin out with a win? He deserves that small courtesy.--Gate 21

21 yds passing? For an entire game? And you won? So the Volunteer Navy runs a Service Academy offense now?--The Dead Guy

As fans, we only wish that other Tennessee *fans* put a little bit less time into trying to ruin TBC's emotional departure.--Loser With Socks


About every third game they pop their heads up above the ground and come up with some offense. Still don't know how Woody McCorvey has managed to maintain his employment, though.--Hey Jenny Slater

The Bulldogs emerge from the cellar with an offensive explosion against the defenseless Hogs.--The Dead Guy

31 points? Wow, I thought State couldn't score. The Egg Bowl could be interesting.--Red Solo Cup


So much for slowly improving. I guess the Hogs have probably met the expectations most had for them -- namely floundering about.--Gate 21

Unfortunately, the Hogs made a bold statement in favor of their "Best of the Worst" cup candidacy.--Razorback Expats

It's been a neck and neck race for worst in the SEC. Hogs ... I think you have won.--Orange and Blue Hue