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Random Clemson Fan Guy on this weekend's game

No, I haven't cleared this with Gamecock Man, so don't blame him...


Anyone who read Cock & Fire will remember Random Clemson Fan Guy (don't know that he had that name at the time), as he was our stand-in for The Team from the Upstate. In any case, with this weekend's game coming up, I decided to ask RCFG to give us his thoughts on the game this weekend. His response follows.

We know how you South Carolina fokes see us! We remember that survey in The Gamecock that said, "Have you ever slept with a cow? What was the Clemsonite's major?"* We seen that, and so I wrote in The Tiger, "Have you ever slept with a rocket physicianist? What was the Carolina-ites major?" Har har har.

And we can read here at Clemson, contrary to what you Uesssee youesssee YouSsee Carolina fans think. We know that the SEC is in a down cycle baby! And we're from the A!!! C!!! C!!! Power conference, h*lls yeah! We don't need your Florida and your Alabama! We got more division champs than we know what to do with!!!

Plus, we have all the motivationalism we need! Six wins and no bowl game - that's screwed up, man. Sure, we played two FCS teams, whatever those are, but - we beat Duke! And N.C. State! And Virginia! We should get to a bowl based on that alone!

Besides, Dabo's the man. He's going to lead us back where we belong!!! PBS title, baby!!! Or PCS, or whatever they call that thing.

IPTAY, losurz!!!!!

*True story. I was on that year's staff.