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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 10


1. Alabama

One more major obstacle for Bama to jump before they play the Gators for an SEC title and a chance to play for all the marbles.

2. Florida

Message to Tim Tebow: the NFL needs you next year.

3. Georgia

Surprisingly, I can't drop Georgia after that performance because they've already beaten the only other two teams that have anything resembling a claim on respect. If you needed proof that the SEC is down this year (despite what Alabama or Florida still might do), look no further than the fact that the Dawgs are clearly the conference's third-best team despite having just lost to their major rival by almost six TDs.

4. LSU

The Tigers didn't look terribly impressive against Tulane, but look for them to leave it all on the field when Saban and the Tide come to town. One has to wonder if it will be enough, though.

5. South Carolina

The Gamecocks aren't quite as good as the conference's best teams, but they are quietly putting together a decent year.

6. Ole Miss

By beating Auburn the Rebels have set themselves up for a solid finish and a return to postseason play.

7. Kentucky

The Cats are now bowl-eligible but have yet to record anything resembling a quality win.

8. Vanderbilt

Took a week off. Are they ready to finish what they started now?

9. Arkansas

Still not one of the conference's better teams, but they're slowly improving. The Gamecocks defense will be a good test for the progress of Petrino's offense.

10. Auburn

The offense actually put up good numbers in the second half against Ole Miss but killed itself with critical mistakes.

11. Tennessee

Hard to describe how bad the Vols looked in Columbia last night. This has been a season from hell for the folks from Rocky Top.

12. MSU

Played Kentucky tough but lost due to a blocked PAT. This team has the dubious distinction of being blown out by Tennessee.