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Spurrier to Play Garcia and Smelley

SOS claims that he will decide on his starting QB during warmups and will play both at some point. My first reaction is that this is a bad idea. It reeks of the way Spurrier underestimated Vandy last year and decided to use that game as a tryout between Blake Mitchell and Smelley. Of course, both ended up playing horribly and we lost the game, beginning a horrible losing streak.

On the other hand, this year Spurrier has held his QB hand close to his vest since the Ole Miss game, and other than Smelley's putrid performance against Kentucky, we've for the most part seen decent QB play since then. Coach could just be trying to keep the Hogs on their toes. He could be trying to motivate Garcia to play the game of his young career. Who knows? I just hope it works. Other than what happened last year, Spurrier's musical QB schemes have typically worked to his advantage, so we should probably trust him.