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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 14


1. Alabama

I'm beginning to like their chances against the Gators. This team has an efficient offense and a great defense.

2. Florida

Still looking pretty darn good. Injury to Harvin could hurt them against Bama, though.

3. Ole Miss

Playing great football right now. Anyone who thinks they should be behind UGA isn't paying attention.

4. Georgia

Well, that wasn't quite the year they hoped for. They're playing considerably worse than Ole Miss right now.

5 (tie). LSU and South Carolina

These two teams, which once appeared to be having good seasons, are now tied for the "Most Pathetic Performance in Final Game" award. Both coaches are now under considerable fire.

7. Vanderbilt

Well, at least they got bowl eligible.

8. Kentucky

The losing streak to the Vols lives on. It'll probably never end now.

9. Arkansas

That loss to Mississippi State must be stinging right now. This team will be better next year.

10. Tennessee

Like Arkansas, they'd be bowl eligible now if they could have taken care of an inferior opponent a few weeks ago.

11. Auburn

Thought they'd at least put up a fight. I was wrong.

12. Mississippi State

Rout at hands of rival got Croom a pink slip.