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Gamecock Man's SEC Basketball Power Rankings

1. Tennessee

Even after losing two games (the first a legit loss to Gonzaga, the second a surprise courtesy of Temple), the Vols look to be the best team in what is certainly shaping up to be a down year in the SEC. Their best win came against Georgetown.

2. Florida

The Gators have lost to good Syracuse and FSU teams and have rolled otherwise. They look to be capable of returning to the Dance this year, but I doubt they make it far once they get there. The Gators have one quality win, that over Washington.

3. LSU

The Tigers are the SEC's last unbeaten team but lack anything resembling a quality win. They also struggled at home against lowly Centenary.

4. Kentucky

The Wildcats opened the season with an embarrasing loss to VMI and have also lost to top-ranked UNC and a solid Miami team. They have, however, showed signs of potential in wins against upper level teams such as Kansas State, West Virginia, and Indiana.

5. South Carolina

At this point, it gets very difficult to discern which teams are better than others, as all teams past Kentucky have either started with good records by beating up on cupcakes or have failed miserably when going up against upper-level competition. The Gamecocks take this spot because they have generally dominated mid-major competition other than in their one loss in overtime to a good mid-major Charleston team.

6. Arkansas

Like South Carolina, the Hogs are off to a good start due to an easy OOC schedule. A loss to Missouri State and a close game against John Pelphrey's old team at South Alabama are cause for concern, though.

7. Georgia

Although they have three losses, the Dawgs have one thing most other bottom feeders in the conference lack: a victory over an upper-level team, in this case Virginia Tech.

8. Vanderbilt

The rebuilding Dores have played decently other than in a strange blowout loss to Illinois-Chicago. Their other two losses came against decent Illinois and Georgia Tech teams, and they've beaten some good mid-majors.

9. Alabama

So far, the Tide have been a major disappointment, not that anyone in Sabanville cares. A loss to Mercer and a national-TV humiliation against Oregon are not what Alabama was hoping to start the season with.

10. Mississippi State

The Bulldogs can at least say that two of their three losses came against decent competition.

11. Ole Miss

The Rebels appeared to be playing OK until they were destroyed at New Mexico recently. Next stop: Louisville. Yikes.

12. Auburn

Sadly for Auburn fans mourning the hiring of Gene Chizik, the basketball team will provide little happiness this year. This team is pretty bad.