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SEC Hoops Power Rankings

Just finished watching Southern Miss win the New Orleans Bowl after blocking a FG in OT. Apparently there is a reason that these bowls exist, because that was one hell of a game. Very entertaining.

Here are my hoops rankings. Not too much changes after another week in which most teams feasted on cupcakes.

1. Tennessee

The Vols flirted with disaster against pesky Belmost, but ended up winning that game. They also picked up a quality win against a decent Marquette team earlier in the week. The Vols are def. the SEC's best team again this year, but that fact doesn't speak well for the conference's chances in the NCAA tourney, as Tennessee is likely a Sweet 16 team at best.

2. Florida

Not much happened this week with the Gators. They cruised against Central Florida.

3. Kentucky

The Cats picked up an easy win against App State. Jodie Meeks scored an impressive 46 in that game. This is a dangerous team; they're not as good as the Vols, but they're neck and neck with the Gators.

After Kentucky, we have three teams that have looked impressive against cupcake schedules but lack true quality wins. These are decent but not great teams. Take the following rankings with a grain of salt, as little separates them from each other.

4. South Carolina

Picked up another fairly easy victory against a halfway decent Citadel team, although the Bulldogs did give them a tough time early in the game. Ranked Clemson looms as a huge game for the Gamecocks.

5. LSU

The Tigers lost their first game of the season at Texas A&M. That loss shows that their previously undefeated record was likely smoke and mirrors.

6. Arkansas

Oklahoma comes to town soon. Can the Hogs give the Sooners a game? My guess is no, but Arkansas should do well in the weak SEC West.

The rest of these teams are probably really bad, although I keep expecting Alabama to wake up and jump out of their funk.

7. UGA

Needed overtime to beat Wofford, but at least they won the prestigious Spartanburg City Championship.

8. Vanderbilt

Def. in a rebuilding year.

9. Alabama

Won a somewhat close game against Tennessee State this week. This team should really be better than they're playing. They have some talent.

10. Auburn

After a rough start, the Tigers have picked up a bit of a stride. They beat Virginia this week, and while the Cavs may not be very good, at least Aubie can say he beat an ACC team. Still, this team's performance likely won't take much of the sting away from the Chizik mess.

11. MSU

Lost a game to Cincinnatti this week. Not much else to say about this lackluster team.

12. Ole Miss

After briefly appearing to be a good dark horse pick to win the SEC West, key injuries and the weird Andy Kennedy situation have likely derailed the Rebels' season.