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Horn-ing In?

It looks like South Carolina might play four games against Western Kentucky over the next few years.

That's because of a unique clause in the contract of Hilltoppers' head coach Darrin Horn, the new front-runner for the Gamecocks head job.

A clause in Horn's contract requires his new school to play four games against Western Kentucky. The provision calls for two games at Western Kentucky over a four-year period, according to WKU spokesman Brian Fremund.

Then again, Horn might just be looking for a raise.

To know more about the man, you can visit his Web site, shockingly located at

Horn would seem to fit most of South Carolina Athletics Director Eric Hyman's criteria: He's young and comes from a mid-major. The diversity thing? Not so much, but the last shot at that objective blew up.

For Western Kentucky, Horn's resume is not unimpressive.

That said, there might be other reasons to question Horn's, um, mental acuity.

That's why they call it a 'Crackberry.'

Apparently undeterred by Horn's occasional obliviousness to the outside world, South Carolina could have its coach "soon," the above-linked article in The State says. When that might be isn't clear, though it will evidently involve pom-poms.

Barring a late snag, people within the USC program expect an announcement soon, according to several sources. Late this week a protocol was sent out by the athletics department outlining what will happen when a new coach is unveiled; the plan includes a news conference, a meeting with players and possibly a pep rally.

And making sure that there are no sliding doors between where Horn disembarks from his plane and where the press conference will be held.