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...feels a lot like this.

Sticking to form with the three earlier meetings, the Gamecocks muscled to a 6-0 victory on Wednesday that was long on one-sided firepower and short on drama.

"We've played very well against those guys this year," coach Ray Tanner said. ...

Adding insult to the wounded pride, the rout extended the Tigers’ school-record losing streak to 11 games -- three of which USC accounted for.

Thus, for the first time since 1974, Clemson (18-19) dipped below .500 after the midway point in the regular season. ...

All of which led Leggett to praise the Gamecocks as the contrast to his beleaguered bunch -- confident, experienced and offensively potent.

Meanwhile, I ask a favor from readers: I have heard (and don't, for the record, believe) that Corso has said South Carolina could be SEC  football champions if they beat Florida, or some such nonsense. If this can be proven, I'd love to see it. Otherwise, I'll chalk it up to urban legend or a misunderstanding.

Let me be clear about one other thing: Anyone who thinks the Gamecocks will win the SEC championship in football this year has lost their minds.