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SEC Tournament, Day I

Good News: Redshirt freshman starter Sam Dyson did not surrender a run to LSU on Wednesday.

Bad News: Every other pitcher that appeared did.

And so it was that the Gamecocks lost their first-round game in the SEC tournament, 5-4, putting them one loss away from elimination.

Pitched well. No one else did.

In fairness, it's now been more than a month since LSU lost. Unfortunately, it seems like it's been that long since the Gamecocks won a big game, the last game of the season the exception.

Your enemy: Blake Dean, he of the 10th-inning shot that won the game. Or Matt Clark, he of the three-run home run that cut the Gamecocks' lead to one.

The next team on the schedule -- and the last if the Gamecocks don't win -- is Florida. The key to beating the Gators: Hit singles. Lots of singles.

The Gamecocks took two of three from Florida at the Sarge ealier this month. Then again, they lost the first one.

The game is at 11 a.m. ET Thursday. What is it with all this morning baseball?