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THE THREAD [05.29.08] :: Slow News Day

Nothing actually happened yesterday in the NCAA baseball tournament, so you know what that means.

It's player profile/catchup time. And if you could squeeze it in as a notebook item, that would be great, k?

Havens is "not satisfied," sez Haney, despite a good year.

Havens finished the regular season and SEC Tournament with a .363 average, second on the team to first-team All-SEC first baseman Justin Smoak.

His 55 walks are tied for the team lead with Smoak, who is often pitched around in the middle of the order.

After hitting nine home runs in his first two seasons at USC, Havens hit 16 in his junior year.

Hey, Reese, what do you want to go to Boston for? The majors are way overrated. Wait another year. Please.

The Greenville News, meanwhile, goes with Crisp.

COLUMBIA -- University of South Carolina left fielder Andrew Crisp said Wednesday that his back is fine and he would be ready to go against Charlotte in the NCAA regional on Friday in Raleigh, N.C.

Crisp, who is hitting .302 with two homers and 21 RBI, missed two games in the Southeastern Conference tournament after reinjuring his back.

All in all, pretty good stuff.

Oh, and Ray Tanner hates librarians

Thoughts and prayers. Today, to the family of former track coach Bill McClure, who died at the age of 86

Orson previews Steele, who has Georgia at No. 9(!) and Clemson at No. 5 (!!). C&F has to go with Orson on the Team from the Upstate.

Any inclusion of Clemson in the top ten willingly omits their astonishing consistency over the past decade in losing at least two games they should walk away with each year.

South Carolina is slated to go "up." Since down from the five-game slide would be nearly impossible...

C&F's stalking not the worst. At least that's the conclusion one can draw from mgoblog's assault on popular blog features.

1. Creepily Stalking Hotties. ...

Exceptions: Creepy stalking of Scarlett Johansson is still creepy, but somewhat forgivable.

Why would you want to stalk anyone else?

This picture not vehemently disapproved by mgoblog.

C&F would also like to point out that his countdown is on the title of the blog, and therefore does not fill up anyone's RSS feed.

Todd over at fellow SBN blog Roll Bama Roll took this a bit personally. (In fairness, he was kind of called out by name.)

Diagnosis: We all need some football to blog about. How many days are left? I haven't updated the countdown yet...