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THE THREAD [05.05.08] :: Brevity

C&F has four posts to do before a much-needed vacation from real work begins Friday, and but four nights to do them. So all items in The Thread will be brief for the next few days.

Whether it's right or wrong, Lou Holtz is going to the College Football Hall of Fame. And somehow, a morally ambiguous induction seems fitting.

Cadillac Escalades for all the voters!

Troy Aikman is among the other inductees.

Despite protestations to the contrary, C&F really, really hopes Flounder is kidding with this. An intriguing idea, perhaps ... but no. Besides, there aren't any casinos in Columbia; what would Perrilloux do with his time?

South Carolina could have gone bowling last year, if the Bowl had moved a bit faster. Because who doesn't want to follow their team to beautiful downtown Birmingmayhem? (Sorry; old North Alabama snobbery dies hard.)

C-Brink: The NFL isn't easy. That's something he picked up pretty quickly:

"On that first day, it was sad. I couldn't beat anybody. I couldn't get to the quarterback," Brinkley said Sunday shortly after the Panthers concluded their three-day minicamp. "The terminology and the speed of the game are so much faster and the offensive linemen, man, they're all like All-Americans."

The quicker he learns that, the better his chances.

Kentucky has decided to use a private plane in recruiting. The move still will not help them beat South Carolina. (Rim shot, please.) And Rich Brooks refuses to board.

The horse and buggy worked fine when I started coaching, and they'll work fine now.