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Gone Fishin'

Actually, no. I haven't been fishing in years. But I am headed for a vacation in Florida and have no idea what the wireless status might be. So posting could be spotty.

If nothing else, I return May 19.

In the interim, there is the possibility that this blog might look a bit different when you stop in one day. Do not be alarmed. That's part of the rollout of our new platform. More on that when I know more about when G&BA is moving.

Also: This is your chance to sound off on how I'm doing. I've got to start planning for the football season pretty soon -- believe it or not -- so any critiques on how I did last year, or just what you generally think about the blog, are welcome. The only request I have is that any criticism be constructive. Odds are, an ugly criticism will get no response and effect no change.

And if you haven't read "A Modest Proposal," or at least the second part, scroll down.

Thanks as always for reading.