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THE THREAD [06.12.08] :: Changes


Spurrier taking headset back already? Well, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, but this supposed hand-off of play-calling duties to Spurrier Jr. is looking less and less dramatic as time goes on.

He might do a little bit more this year. But I'll be heavily involved in play calling, in the game plan. ... I'm not giving that up. I'm still going to do that.

So enjoy calling the last 30 second of each half, Jr.

For the record, C&F thinks that Spurrier would like to give his son a little more freedom every now and then. But he just can't bring himself to walk away.

Other than that, it's slow. There's not much going on, either at South Carolina or in college football news. There's an item below about women's basketball and volleyball. Yeah. That slow.

And it's not even a good WBB story. The program is getting more office space. C&F cannot believe he's typing that. But he is.

Athletic Department spokesman Steve Fink said Wednesday that South Carolina will renovate the Frank McGuire conference room at its practice facility for the volleyball program. The vacated space above will go to women's basketball.

The McGuire room had been used to hold major announcements.

One has to wonder if the room was used for all sports major announcements or just volleyball major announcements. Because, with all due respect to volleyball, there can't be that many major announcements surrounding the program.

A real story. Sort of. Darrin Horn is giving out scholarships like candy. He literally seems to value them as much as a Twix bar.

Conrad, a 6-foot-2 guard, played in 10 games last season. He had transferred from Navy, then sat out a season before getting his chance to play. He scored six points and had six rebounds last season....yes that is a total not a average.

Wilder, a 6-foot-1 guard from Chapin, played in six games for the Gamecocks last fall. He had three points and two rebounds.....again that is a total and not a average.

Flounder can always cheer you up, can't he?


Bill Curry is coaching again. This time at Georgia State. The Panthers are going to start playing at the DIAAFCSETC level in 2010, meaning Curry will have been off the sidelines for 14 years when he takes the helm at GSU.

Remember: This is a guy that got fired by Kentucky. And, um, even his supporters seem to recognize that.

"They couldn't have picked a finer gentleman," said John Dewberry, now an Atlanta businessman who played quarterback for Curry. "He'll be great for pulling together all the different factions for getting support to start the program, from the alumni to the faculty to the students."

Notice, there's no "great for winning football games" in there. Just saying.

C&F does kind of like Curry as an analyst, though, so best of luck to him.

Michigan in trouble. SMQ thinks so -- maybe.

The same warning I leveled at the Irish applies here: it's not reasonable to expect such a young team to do much better than breaking even through the first seven games, maybe through the first nine. And then there’s Ohio State, waiting at the end to snuff out whatever’s left.

Again: not logical, and certainly not a prediction.

C&F, who has an odd affinity for Michigan, has no hesitation in saying the Wolverines won't be anywhere near the usual expectations this year. His prediction so far is 7-5, depressingly bad for Michigan, and the only reason C&F has seven wins penciled in is because it's Michigan, and Michigan never has a losing season. Right?

This is a short-term bad, long-term good prediction; the Wolverines will return to being a Big Ten force once Rodriguez gets his players. But it could be rough until then.