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Track team pitches in on Iowa floods

C&F must apologize many times over for missing this, as he fell asleep early Friday night for reasons passing understanding and never got around to, you know, blogging or anything post-work like that.

When South Carolina head track and field coach Curtis Frye went for his morning walk at the NCAA Championships along the Des Moines River this morning (Friday, June 13) in Des Moines, Iowa he made two decisions after looking at the rising river: 1. It was time to evacuate the Embassy Suites, which borders the Des Moines River, set to crest in the next 48 hours; and 2. The Gamecock track and field team was going to do their part by pitching in to help Iowa, especially those in Des Moines who were being directly affected by the flooding. ...

"We have a lot of strong-bodied, healthy athletes here. We teach our kids to give back to the community and we wanted to help out the people of Iowa," said Frye. "We talked to the captains at our shake-out at 8:15 am and everyone on the team was excited and ready to go in a matter of minutes. We would want Iowa to help us in a disaster so it was an easy decision to lend a hand. I'm so proud of our efforts."

The huge hat tip goes to SBN colleague Clone Chronicles, who noticed the story first.

At this point, any effort to help fight the flooding in Iowa is greatly appreciated.

Well done, Coach Frye and the track team. Thanks for shining a great light on the University of South Carolina. And, of course, thoughts and prayers to all those affected by the rising waters.