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THE THREAD [06.02.08] :: Times a-changing

After a long weekend of baseball blogging, a short thread today.

Demetris Summers: From cannabis to Canada. Or at least he's trying. Summers was always a tragic tale. He had a chance to be so good, the potential to be a great back. But he couldn't keep himself focused. He does appear to at least realize how much he's lost.

"Marijuana messed up my life pretty much. I feel like if I’d never started smoking I’d be in the NFL right now. But I made a mistake and now I have to live with it."

Summers says he had not been smoking when he failed his final drug test at USC in February 2005, saying he passed a second test administered the next day. ...

That said, Summers figures he got what he deserved.

"I blame everything I did on myself. I wouldn’t point the finger at nobody else," he said. "I made decisions and I have to suffer the consequences."

Best of luck to him.

South Carolina's track team continues to do well. Or so sez The State. C&F has no idea what much of this means, other than a lot of track and field athletes from South Carolina are winning medals. And have a chance to win more. Bravo. And good luck.

Football first. Bacon later. Paul Westerdawg over at Georgia Sports Blog has done a good job of following the SEC television schedule and reports that Week One is pretty much fixed up. Including the fact that Hawaii players will journey to Florida to play a game at 6:30 a.m. their time.

You've heard of players who didn't wake up until after the game started? The Warriors might not wake up until after this game ends. Not that a Brennan-less Hawaii team really stood a prayer at the Swamp. Now, it'll just be uglier.

A big game, but really... Greenville's Bart Wright sees a lot riding on the Clemson-Alabama tilt in Atlanta.

So Saban has this year to remind the fan base and everyone else that he’s a better coach than his brief Alabama past would indicate.

Bowden has one year to prove to his fan base and everyone else that he’s capable of living up to the expectations put upon him by others. His essential task will be to do something he’s never done by breaking into the elite status of championship coaches.

Saban has the new season’s opportunity to prove to his fan base and everyone else that he’s not the kind of coach who runs a program with all the off-season problems this one had and that he still is a championship coach.

C&F would point out that this will mark the 10th consecutive year that Baby Bowden will be on the hot seat. And while Saban has to do better this year, it's a little extra to say that this is the make-or-break season for him. Unless, of course, a better job offer comes along.

Which could mean...

I will not be the next Clemson head coach.