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THE THREAD [06.23.08] :: Opportunities


Prodigal son returning? Stephen Garcia is apparently doing well on his second third fourth chance, Person reports.

The USC quarterback, banished to Florida following three arrests during his first 15 months on campus, has complied with several university-imposed stipulations, according to Garcia’s father, his lawyer and a university source. ...

Garcia, a redshirt freshman who has yet to take a snap for the Gamecocks, was required to submit to weekly drug and alcohol tests, undergo counseling and find full-time employment, according to the university source.

The source said Garcia has passed the first eight of 10 scheduled drug and alcohol checks, completed his counseling program and is working near his family’s home in Lutz, a suburb of Tampa.

C&F has said before that South Carolina should cut ties with Garcia but is willing to admit now that perhaps he was too hasty. If THE SAVIOR OF THE PROGRAM can fulfill all these obligations, it would show that his judgment has improved markedly. So, that's what has seemed to be missing with Garcia: the wisdom and judgment necessary to be an SEC quarterback.

The early lack of that wisdom and judgment, though, means Garcia's road will be much longer than it should have been.

Not far from home. C.C. Whitlock is also spending some time at home, which might be more cause for concern than is the case with Garcia. THE SAVIOR OF THE PROGRAM seems to get in trouble more when he's away from home. Not so for Whitlock.

“Coach Floyd talked me into it. I was around a bad environment and he didn’t want me to get caught up in none of that. So he was like, the best thing for me is to get on out of here in January.” ...

But I’m guessing the sooner Whitlock returns to Columbia, the better Steve Spurrier and his staff will feel about the situation.

The QBs, after all, need all the help they can get. And Kenny McKinley can't line up at three or four WR positions.

Summers, Boyd in the running. Both Demetris Summers and Cory Boyd are trying to land pro football roster spots, one in country where football actually belongs and the other in Canada. Injuries are hampering both.

Blake Mitchell is also looking for a spot on the Bills' depth chart. Wouldn't hold my breath.

Flag bearer. A nice (if puffy) piece about Dawn Staley carrying the flag for the Olympics team in 2004. This just contributes to C&F's odd, platonic crush on Staley.