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The Weekend Thread debuts. Stories C&F thinks are true -- or should be true -- but can't find links to.

No talking. John McCain attacked a pledge by Barack Obama to negotiate with Notre Dame should he be elected president.

"It's dangerous to talk to those who clearly mean to do our troops harm," McCain said. "Even if they do prove incapable of doing it.

"Especially now, when Notre Dame's ratings are down and its win total has plummeted, such a pledge could be seen as a sign of weakness. Freedom is on the march."

Obama had promised to meet with Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis "as long as he promises not to eat me."

Another ring. Alabama claimed a 13th national title today, resting its assertion on the new rankings of the 1942 season from Hiras T. Higgenbotton, an arborist from Cleveland.

"That was a good team," Higgenbotton said. "I just think they deserved to be ranked No. 1."

When asked, Higgenbotton could not cite any actual statistics from 1942.

"I think Boise State was pretty good that year."

Trying something new? Minnesota head coach Tim Brewster announced that the Golden Gophers will play without a secondary in 2008.

Fans are not expected to notice the change.