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THE THREAD [06.03.08] :: Moving On

Every season is football season. And C&F will now put this theory to the test. With Gamecock baseball over, this site will now become far more of a college football blog than anything else for the forseeable future.

Not much else to keep an eye on 'round these parts, or 'round many other parts for that matter. Once the College World Series wraps up, college sports enters the dog days of summer. AKA, the college football preseason.

Once more, I'll ask for suggestions. If there's something in particular you want covered in the preseason, drop it in a comment, a FanPost or an e-mail to garnetandblackattack -at- gmail -dot- com.

On baseball, it's a wrap. Ron Morris covers the bases pretty well here.

A decade or two from now, someone thumbing through the USC record books will find a 2008 squad that extended a string of consecutive 40-win seasons to nine. It will find a club that participated in the NCAA tournament for the ninth consecutive season.

It will take a little digging, but someone also will find a club that largely disappointed its fan base and fell far, far short of expectations. ...

Compounding the frustration of USC’s fans was the lineup of all-stars Tanner wrote on his card each game. How could USC not be marching toward Omaha with a star-studded cast that included the likes of Havens, Justin Smoak, James Darnell and Phil Disher? ...

The reality is this USC season should not have ended this way. This team was talented enough to play in Omaha. It truly was a season of disappointments.

Not much more to say. He's right. There's no reason the year should have ended the way it did. Baseball's a funny game that way. It is an unforgiving mistress. A win or loss often depends more on whether the team plays at its best or at its worst. The Gamecocks played their worst game far too often the last few weeks, and it cost them.

Not much to see here. Just a new radio deal. And the subhead isn't just a pun; there's really not much to the deal. Football, basketball and baseball games covered.

Did Lloyd Carr buy any? It seems that being the first of many dominos to fall in THE SEASON OF UNBELIEVABLE UPSETS, as ESPN will dub it in retrospectives, has its financial benefits.

Appalachian State officials announced Monday they've sold about 10,000 season tickets for the 2008 season, up 62 percent from last year. The figure does not include student tickets, which are distributed free.

The school is busy finishing a renovation for Kidd Brewer Stadium which will add more than 4,000 seats. The Mountaineers led the Football Championship Subdivision in attendance last year with an average of more than 27,000 per game.

C&F thinks the increased sales are being driven by the home finale against Elon. But maybe that's just him.