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Sutton, others likely out for now

Remember this?

Rumors. Circulating: Some high-caliber South Carolina defensive recruits will not qualify this year. C&F will not name names until he sees credible reporting. Just to let you know it's out there.

C&F wishes he were wrong. But now there's credible reporting.

According to a source familiar with the situation, it is highly unlikely DE Chaz Sutton and OL Elliott Williams will make it in to school. Sutton said Tuesday that if he does not get in to USC, he will enroll at Fork Union Prep, Va., for the semester with plans to enroll at USC in January.

There are more players involved, but that would require lifting basically the entire (short) item, so you can read the link if you want.

Sutton was one of the names that was floating out there -- perhaps "high-caliber" was a bit much, but he was the one C&F was referring to.

The effects on the team at this point are relatively few, seeing as how none of the players was expected to play a major role and many of them are probably going to try to get in through the JC/academy route anyway.

Sutton, in particular, is unlikely to hurt the defensive line, which is pretty strong even without him.

Meanwhile, we can only hope this was handled under the admissions process that won't case Spurrier to toss his visor.