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THE THREAD [07.10.08] :: Your Hate Makes You Stronger


We get no respect. And Ivan Maisel thinks that's a shame.

Yes, you read that right. Ivan Maisel. Of ESPN.

perhaps the most surprising nod came on Maisel's list of most underrated stadiums.

"One of those easy decisions for me, one of those things that I just knew without research was Williams-Brice," said Maisel, who listed USC's home as the most-underrated venue.

That choice surprises C&F not at all. With Death Valley (the real one, in LSU), the Swamp, Sanford and Rocky Top all in the same conference, it's hard to overlook the WB. But most of the people who have actually been there don't make that mistake.

The Clemson-USC rivalry also earned a nod from Maisel. He named it the most underrated rivalry. ...

"(That rivalry) is an obvious example. I don't think a lot of people outside South Carolina have any idea of the vitriol that flows through the veins of South Carolina and Clemson fans."

Few probably also know that the brawl in 2004 was not the first time the game has caused violence. Caused by Clemson's inherent inferiority complex, of course.

In any case, looks like the book will provide some reasons for South Carolina fans to purchase it. And Clemson fans, whom the book finally puts in their place.

Best headline of the day: "It's Enough Money To Buy the Damn State." That's what Brian says of the West Virginia-Michigan peace deal. Brian sees Big Blue as trying to save some money and then figuring out its not worth it.

I have to pay how much?

But as the Mayor points out, this was not a totally unexpected outcome.

His contract said he owed the school money if he left before the contract term ended. He left before the contract term ended. He owes the money. ...

Michigan’s official statement---that the school and its coach were ready to put this episode behind them---rings hollow. Such a statement would have been altogether plausible on January 9; it is singularly unconvincing on July 9.

Then again, this is an athletics department that missed out on Les Miles because the AD was on a boat. So, this is not by any stretch of the imagination the dumbest strategic move of the last year. (Michigan fans, don't kill me. I'm not saying Miles should have been coach or Rodriguez shouldn't have been. Just saying that's a pretty stupid way to lose touch with a prospect.)

Another attorney: McDaniel is toast. His attorney says he's innocent. The alleged victim's attorney says he's guilty. What's the surprise?

An attorney for the woman who has accused Clemson football player DeAndre McDaniel of assault said his client is fully intent on pursuing charges.

Ken Young, a Sumter attorney representing 19-year-old xxxx xxxxx, said he's confident McDaniel will eventually be convicted on the charge of assault of a high and aggravated nature. [ED NOTE: C&F has decided to redact the alleged victim's name]

Baby Bowden, the ball is still in your court. You really going to leave him on the team? That says a lot. (And, yes, C&F would say this about a team not from the Upstate as well.)