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WEEKEND OPEN MIC: States of Concern

This is by no means an easy season to figure out for a fan of the Gamecocks.

There are some obvious areas of promise. Kenny McKinley will be there game in, game out, and we know that. The defense will be stout, not least because of J-Brink and Eric Norwood anchoring the linebacker corps and Carlos, Captain and Cook patrolling the secondary.

But there are also reasons to worry. Can Mike Davis -- or anyone on the depth chart -- replace the stats of Cory Boyd (setting aside the heart)? Will the real quarterback, if there is one, please stand up? Can Ellis Johnson make the defense live up to its potential?

And so begins the Weekend Open Mic on Garnet and Black Attack. (Hopefully, future installments will be more optimistic.) It will include a poll each weekend up until the regular season, but C&F is also asking for more. Don't just vote; explain it in the comments. Why did you make the choice you made?