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Eligibility, eligibility, eligibility

Well, it's not all eligibility. The biggest upshot is that QB recruit Reid McCollum, guilty of homesickness, has returned.

Also in The State's update: very little about Chaz Sutton and firends. DL Jarriel King is still working on his 1+1s. Etc., etc., etc.

This is the improved admissions process?

Correct C&F if he's wrong, but he thought the Spurrier blow-up was resolved with a system that allowed players to know sooner rather than later if they would be eligible to enter South Carolina. Yet, here we are, six weeks before the season begins, and some of these players are still waiting to see if they can enroll.

The most galling one, perhaps, is Elliot Williams, who is waiting for word from the NCAA Clearinghouse. C&F will have to look into this further, with this focus: What in the name of all that is holy is taking the NCAA so long to review the transcripts of these players. It's not right to leave these students hanging; they deserve to know, yes or no.

If you set up a special system to figure out if players are eligible or not, you have some responsibility to make sure those decisions are rendered quickly. Otherwise, don't offer the system.

Falling somewhere in the middle isn't fair.