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THE THREAD [07.02.08] :: Haters


Lee moves on. South Carolina loses an assistant baseball coach and its recruiting coordinator as Monte Lee gets the head gig at College of Charleston.

Sources close to the search process said Tuesday that Lee had been offered and accepted the position left vacant when former C of C coach John Pawlowski took the head coaching job at Auburn on June 20.

Provided Lee clears a routine background check, the school stands poised to officially announce his hiring on Thursday.

Some are unhappy, not so much with the choice as with the convoluted route the search took.

Making a popular guy twist in the summer breeze hasn't gone over real well with many of the former Cougars players and fans who make up much of the school's small but loyal fan base.

Sure, maybe Foxhall remained a leading candidate until he withdrew. Maybe it was his call all the way.

Maybe, too, a guy decides a job isn't worth taking without something resembling hearty commitment.

Good luck to Lee. Hopefully he's not walking into a snakepit.

Mystery and morality in the Upstate. Even if you don't account for the average IQ in that city in the Upstate, it could take awhile to untangle an odd tale of alleged criminality.

It could be more than a year before Clemson defensive back DeAndre McDaniel goes to court for his recent arrest. ...

McDaniel, a sophomore who figured to get extensive playing time this season, was arrested June 21 for assault of a high and aggravated nature after an incident with his girlfriend at his off-campus apartment.

According to a report released by the Central Police Department, the alleged victim was treated at a nearby hospital for injuries after McDaniel allegedly choked her, shoved her down a flight of stairs and punched her.

So, just a sadly typical story about domestic abuse in a state that has a problem with it. At least it's good to see that everyone is being responsi...

Through documents gathered by the Daily Journal / Daily Messenger, the woman who accused Clemson defensive back DeAndre McDaniel last week of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature has been identified as Ms. xxxx xxxxx. [Update, 7.10.08: Name redacted by C&F. It should not have been included.]

Somehow I don't remember learning in my media ethics class that it was okay to name the alleged victim of domestic violence with an investigation still pending. Maybe I was out that that day. At least they kept the names of the witnesses refuting her story a secret -- because they might have something to wory about.

However, news broke late last week that refutes xxxx’s claims. Three witnesses issued statements saying they saw things differently, including one that said he saw McDaniel carrying her down the stairs. ...

"If these witnesses’ statements are true, then he is not guilty of what he is charged with," said McDaniel’s lawyer, Chris Olson of Olson, Smith Jordan and Cox, P.A. of Clemson.

Well, there we have it. Incontrovertible truth that McDaniel is innocent: His lawyer said so.

Or you could listen to, you know, the police.

The statements, however, had yet to be provided to the police department or solicitor's office as of Monday afternoon, according to Avery. The police chief said the statements, at least two of which came from friends of McDaniel, have "got to be taken with a grain of salt."

"I'd hope that most people who witnessed a crime would go to the police department to provide a statement," Avery said. "It makes me wonder who these people are. We need to see if there's any validity to them." [EMPHASIS C&F'S]

So, Baby Bowden, what's it going to be? What's the priority for your program?

Bizarre allegations in Athens as well. In fact, there's plenty strange about this case.

Trina Bailey, 22, of Bogart, gave the Altlanta Journal-Constitution permission to use her name with her account of the events. She said she and a friend were returning to the dorm about 1:30 a.m. Friday after watching a movie at another friend's house when they encountered Anderson and Sturdivant and another unidentified male in a breezeway.

"These three gentlemen came out of a door and it appeared they'd been drinking," said Bailey, who said she is not a UGA student but was visiting a friend who is. "One of them asked what my name was and I told them. He asked me if I was pregnant and asked me to turn around and I did. All three of them then came up around me and two of them started touching my stomach in a way that was very uncomfortable, a kind of sexual manner. I turned and walked away and they started following me and making sexual comments." ...

Bailey said that she identified the players when a dorm attendant showed her their pictures on The incident, she said, was also captured by the dorm's cameras.

Yet another reason C&F is hesitant about getting a Facebook account, though he finds it hard to believe that a lineup based on a social networking site would be admissable in court.

Bad lineup? They're on the case.

Macon Dawg lays out the applicable law, and the upshot for most of us is this: No touchy! At least not if you live in Georgia. And while the law might seem a little hyperactive -- not necessarily in this case, but generally -- he also has a good point.

I do know that when you are 6'5, 320 pounds and approaching people you don't know in darkened breezeways, you really shouldn't touch them.

Fortunately, C&F is only 6'4, 290 pounds. Or possibly less.

Beating up people is, less controversially, also apparently a bad idea, according to Macon Dawg.