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About this week

A few notes about this week.

C&F is going to do his best to get through most or all of the "Gamecocks 2008" previews so he can start on the opponent previews over the weekend. That includes a look at the wide receivers/tight ends and a couple of defensive previews. Might take a look at special teams, too, but that would be brief.

Wednesday through Friday will be consumed with SEC Media Days, which C&F is scheduled to attend in person. The plan for now is to liveblog the coach's press conferences and, later in the day, do quick recaps of each team presented on each of the three days. C&F will post a complete schedule tomorrow. (Just to let you know, South Carolina takes the stage Friday.)

Because of that schedule, other posts will likely be minimal.

As, likely, will be the carries of Bobby Wallace:

Mike Davis is a clear choice as the starter at tailback, Spurrier said. Brian Maddux is making strides, but Eric Baker has some work to do.

As for Bobby Wallace: “He’s still here,” Spurrier said.

Again, honesty is never a problem for HBC.