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gamecocks 2008: Calling for Backup


Here's a little thought exercise. See if you can figure out which South Carolina wide receivers put up the following numbers in 2007.

Games Rec Yds Avg TD
Receiver 1 12 77 968 12.6 9
Receiver 2 12 62 754 12.2 4

Okay, got your answer?

Receiver No. 1 is Kenny McKinley, probably an obvious answer to most Gamecock fans.

Receiver No. 2 is every other wideout on the team.

In fact, after McKinley, the next wide receiver on the receptions list from 2007 comes in at No. 4. Dion Lecorn (27 rec, 315 yds) follows Cory Boyd (36, 405) and TE Jared Cook (30, 421).

The biggest question about WRs coming into last year wash whether McKinley could transition from being Sidney Rice's No. 2 to being the Gamecocks' No. 1 receiver. This year, the biggest question is who will be McKinley's No. 2.

Cook and fellow TE Weslye Saunders (12, 151) will still play a critical role in the passing game this year. But for the Gamecocks' air attack to really take off, South Carolina needs another credible threat at WR.

Enter Dion Lecorn, who cemented his spot as frontrunner for the No. 2 spot during the last three games of 2007, when he caught 16 passes for 215 yards and 2 TDs. That included eight receptions for 109 yards and a score against Arkansas.

Lecorn's attorney seems confident that the simple possession of marijuana charge against the wideout will be resolved in time for the season, and Lecorn is back on the team after he passed a drug test. If that pans out, the only thing left for Lecorn to do is perform.

If he does, and some of the other wideouts chip in from time to time, the South Carolina passing game has a chance to get closer to what Steve Spurrier would like.

Maybe not all the way there, but closer.