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Live-blogging Urban Meyer

2:15 p.m. "We have a very good team coming back." But ... "7 wins comes from talent." Discipline is 8, 9. Leadership -- "that's when you start having great things happen on your program."

2:20 p.m. Coaching competition? Meyer said he recently walked into a room of coaches and counted nine programs that think they're going to win the conference championships. Huh?

Meyer gets asked about mission trip. "Tim's done a lot of things that's opened my eyes and that's one of them." Doesn't want spoiled kids.

2:21 p.m. Two tight ends in the spread? That's a twist Meyer says he wants to bring. And the first time it's mentioned: "We got some speed." SEC SPEEEED!!!!!!!

2:22 p.m. Keeping fans' expectations realistic: "That's not going to happen."

2:23 p.m. Meyer is asked about the team's situation at safety. He begins to weep. Actually, they're moving at least one player from offense to defense, but he won't tell us which one. Doesn't Tebow need a break at some point?

2:26 p.m. Underrated part of Florida? Offensive line. Three seniors, "not only very good players, but all on course to graduate." Well, that's good.

2:28 p.m. Utility man Percy Harvin is "close to 80, 90 percent" and ahead of schedule. Urban Meyer is finally happy with his running backs! If you include Harvin.

2:32 p.m. Plus-one talk. "I trust our commissioner and let's go, go team, beat Hawaii." In other words: "No comment."

2:34 p.m. Clock it: We're 19 minutes in, and C&F has lost track of the number of Tebow questions. One gets the impression that Meyer likes this Tebow guy.

2:36 p.m. "Is it better if Tim does less this year?" Maybe, Urban says, but doesn't sound like it. "You have to win that game."

2:41 p.m. Back to the mission trip. I see a feature story coming.

2:43 p.m. Meyer is done. We're getting Tebow at the podium, like the coaches, cuz he's special like that.