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Les Miles: Less Crazy

Admit it: Every time Les Miles has a press conference, you expect him to end up frothing like a rabid dog, spouting something about beating "f------ Alabama" and angrily inviting listeners to "have a great day."

In person, he doesn't seem that crazy. His syntax is still the same mangled mish-mash of clauses that has become his trademark, as his appearance at SEC Media Days showed.

"The '08 is where we're at."

"I look forward to what will be the '08 team."

"Again, we're paid in a system where it's reflective of capitalism and democracy that allows people to ascend."

The last remark -- about the ever-fattening wallets of SEC coaches -- might have been the oddest thing Miles said all day, at least in the major press conference. It drew more than one audible snicker from C&F section of the ballroom. Miles did kind of own up the bizarreness of the salary scale conceding that his deceased father would have said, "'You're not worth it.' I'd say he's right."

But Miles did have another one of his many spicy quotes to tidy up. He recently noted of Alabama that "it seems like a lot of teams in Louisiana beat that team." Subtlety is not Miles' strong suit; he was obviously referring to Alabama 21-14 loss to Sun Belt team Louisiana-Monroe.

Miles tried to make a gracious exit Wednesday when asked how Alabama would fare against a slate comprised entirely of the 12 college football teams in Louisiana.

"I have great respect for the University of Alabama," he said, leaving the "f------" out this time, "the history they have presented to college football, the competition that they put on every time they take the field. I promise you that any fun and entertainment that I have with supporters is very respectful."

We'll see what Alabama fans think.

Say what you will about Miles' tongue, his players seem to love his freewheeling style. And they don't mind if his comments make a splash every now and then.

"It's just Coach Miles being Coach Miles," senior defensive end Tyson Jackson said.