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Voting the SEC

One of the fun parts about attending SEC Media Days is getting to fill out a ballot for the utterly meaningless preseason All-SEC teams and for the media rankings of the teams. This, of course, is a weighty responsibility, though C&F must convinced he just closed his eyes and pointed his finger at a name to get the offensive line for the All-SEC team. (Not really, but close.)

In the blog tradition of full disclosure, I'm posting my ballot before the full results are announced Friday.

The All-SEC team ballot:

Tight End Cornelius Ingram, Florida
Offensive Line Michael Oher, Mississippi
Trinton Sturdivant, Georgia
Chaz Ramsey, Auburn
Andre Smith, Alabama
Center Antoine Caldwell, Alabama
Wide Receiver Kenny McKinley, South Carolina
Percy Harvin, Florida
Quarterback Tim Tebow, Florida
Running Back Knowshown Moreno, Georgia
Arian Foster, Tennessee
Place Kicker Daniel Lincoln, Tennessee
Return Specialist Brandon James, Florida
Defensive Line Peria Jerry, Mississippi
Antonio Coleman, Auburn
Ricky Jean-Francois, LSU

Jasper Brinkley, South Carolina

Brandon Spikes, Florida
Darry Beckwith, LSU
Rico McCoy, Tennessee
Defensive Backs D.J. Moore, Vanderbilt
Captain Munnerlyn, South Carolina
Derek Pegues, Mississippi State
Rashad Johnson, Alabama
Punter Ryan Shoemaker, Auburn

Without doing a breakdown of each of the 25 positions, there are a minimal number of South Carolina players -- three, and all justifiable to C&F. The East-West balance is not too bad, 14-11, though he admits the skill players are tilted eastward. (Would you recommend John Parker Wilson for QB?)

The team projection ballot:

Georgia C&F has been on this bandwagon all preseason and sees no reason to change it now
Florida De facto runner-up. Florida and Georgia are more 1a and 1b, but the Gators will fall in Jacksonville.
South Carolina This is equal parts a vote for South Carolina and a vote that no one else in the division looks worthy.
Tennessee Lose Cutcliffe and Ainge. That's too much to overcome.
Kentucky No, Kentucky fans, I'm not just sticking you in the traditional spot without thinking. But you don't lose as much talent as the Wildcats did and come back stronger.
Vanderbilt It'll be a long season. Even by the Dores' standards
Auburn It's about time for Tuberville to rise up again. LSU is headed for a good but not great season; no one else will come close.
LSU Always scarily talented. This team could almost coach itself, and some would argue it does.
Alabama St. Nick continues his five-year plan with a solid No. 3 showing.
Mississippi State The Bulldogs won't be world-beaters this year, but they won't regress too far from last year.
Mississippi Houston Nutt might get them to a bowl, but it's going to take another year for him to put them in contention.
Arkansas Houston Nutt players + Bobby Petrino system = MASSIVE FAIL

Georgia beats Auburn to win the SEC crown. Ugh.