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Live-blogging Rich Brooks

10:00 a.m. A little behind. The bullet points of what I've heard so far: Brooks feels good about both his quarterbacks. The arguments against a playoff based on class time are "ridiculous." "Football players miss less class time than any NCAA sport -- period." Brooks likes the early signing period. He's taking the John McCain route here: I like change, too.

10:03 a.m. Joker Phillips might have to wait awhile. "I don't have a timetable."

He also is as pissed off as everybody else about the clock rules. "Why don't we make a change and stay with it a little while instead of having a knee-jerk reaction and changing it every year?" He doesn't call it BS.

10:04 a.m. Coach's salaries are out of balance a bit. "It's a little shocking to me that I make what I make. I'm a little more shocked when I see what other people make."

10:05 a.m. Brooks thinks height and weight are important in recruiting, but "I also think it's important whether a guy's a football player or note." This is true; it would be a mistake to send a baseball player out on the field.

10:11 a.m. Brooks is done. Tommy Tuberville is next. At this point, Bobby Petrino is still the coach of Arkansas and is expected to speak.